Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dates & Quinoa

So apparently I am no good at keeping my blog updated. Oops.
Actually I have been very busy the past couple days helping my parents move into a beautiful new house, and helping my cousin move into a new apartment.
I also had two dates over the weekend.
Two totally different guys (and I mean totally).

I have also had the idea that when I meet the person I am supposed to be with I will just know. Simple as that. Not the case, it all went out the window after I dated, and stayed with my ex for way too long. I fell into the curse and I really do not want to do that again. I am being extra cautious, and I don't want to jump into anything.

I said in my first post, that I wasn't going to go all personal - so I will leave the information about my dates to that.

Instead I will discuss my newest obsession: Quinoa

Quinoa is a grain that is the perfect protein, and go figure, its tasty, easy to cook and pretty much goes with anything.

Most commonly I have seen it with black beans and red bell peppers. I came across this recipe today http://keepyourdietreal.com/food/appetizerssnacks/quinoa-and-black-bean-lettuce-wraps/

Thought it looked delicious. The problem I tend to have is that I live alone and I have to shop for groceries and make food that I will be able to finish and not waste. So although the lettuce wraps idea is very appealing, it is not logical for me, because I most likely won't be able to use the lettuce in time.  Maybe I just need to be more creative... not maybe I DO need to be more creative, with food, decorations,  things to do.

So here are some creative ideas for quinoa that I will make in the near future

  • Patties or cakes 
  • warm with fruit and nuts
  • bars
  • side dish
  • salad with any mixing left in the fridge
There are a ton of recipes out there, just takes time to find the right one for the moment, or you can always pull a (what's in the fridge - let's mix it together) which I do frequently. 

While reviewing this list here is one of the best songs of the moment:

"Old Pine" by Ben Howard
(and yes he will be at ACL 2012!!)

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