Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Conquering Risotto

I finally made risotto! This has been on my list from the very beginning. The rice-based dish is infamous forbeing intimidating, complex and time consuming. Here’s a secret. It reallyisn’t as bad as what you hear from all the rumors. Yes, it takes time andattention to detail but it’s a very relaxing process and actually quite easy tomake. I think the trick is to only be focused on making the risotto and nothingelse. My cousin and his wife and his wife’s sister invited me over to cook andeat and while my cousin grilled some salmon, I focused on the risotto.Intimidated? At first, yes quite a bit. It is definitely a recipe I made sureto measure correctly and be precise. It’s shocking how much butter you have touse, but not surprising how delicious it makes everything tastes, especiallythe abundance of mushrooms. My cousin’s wife sister made a delicious corn,tomato and feta salad, which I definitely plan to make again.

Nights like theseare truly enjoyable, just a group of people gathered around food and wine and I try to have them as much as possible.  Last week my roommate and I hosted a housewarming party and asfar as I have heard, it was a hit. Everything (besides the chips) was homemadeincluding queso, hummus, a five-layer dip and my homemade chocolate peanutbutter cups. I’m lucky to have a great group of friends and family whoappreciate food and community as much as I do.  

Here is the recipe for the risotto I made from Epicurious.I’ve got the itch to try making it again – most likely a weekend project.Although risotto isn’t the best dish for leftovers so maybe for one of thosedinner parties is in the works….

Speaking of leftovers, I attempted to create risotto cakes from the handful of risotto I brought home. Here's how:
  • Roll into balls and flatten into patties
  • Coat in flour
  • Heat vegetable oil in pan
  • Fry until golden brown and looking crispy
The risotto cakes, although tasty, were a little weird but I also don't think they were cooked long enough.

Back in September I wrote a post with a list of items I have been wanting to cook. Risotto was one of the items and I have to say... I definitely conquered this one and can scratch it off my list.