Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Non-Recipe Related Post.. but Exciting News

I started this whole blogging thing less than six months ago. I was posting a lot during the summer because I had a lot of time to cook and then write. It seems as if lately I have had no time to even go grocery shopping, let alone cook something awesome and tell everyone about it. Every week there is something happening... like last week - Austin City Limits. I had a lot of great food that weekend, and I mean a lot, so lately I have been a little slow moving with good healthy ideas to create.

However, I do have some exciting veggie/writing related news...
I'll give a little bit of background first.

I am currently a grad student at Texas State University, where I am working on getting a master's in mass communication. This semester I am in an online web design class, obviously I was excited for this class because I eventually want my own website where I can post all my foodie adventures.

Sooo... drum roll please.

I now have a website and for one of our assignments we had to create a site on a topic of interest. Naturally I chose food. I decided on a site dedicated to the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, a little something I call Veggiestyle. During this project I decided that is exactly what I want my new blog to be called... Actually I should probably change the name of this blog to that, but I kind of want to make it part of a whole new launch that I will do sometime in the near future (hopefully).
Anyways, here is my Veggiestyle assignment, which is also kind of a sneak peek of what I would like my future blog to look like.



Don't worry... I plan to post some good recipes here shortly. Life has been crazy, people!!!

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