Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Grilled Mahi Mahi - Two Firsts

My good friend came to visit this past week and she has really gotten into eating healthier. After two days of eating out, we decided we should make something healthy at home. My friend typically doesn't eat fish but when we were discussing what we should make she got excited and suggested we grill mahi mahi. I was a little nervous about this because 
  1. I have never grilled anything before (without a guy around)
  2. I have never cooked mahi mahi. 
Regardless, we decided to go for it. We made a pitcher of sangria (red sweet wine and blood orange italian soda), prepared our fish and carried everything out to the grill. Luckily, my apartment has two gas grills - I am sure we wouldn't have been brave enough to try grilling any other way.

Here are the ingredients and directions for grilled mahi mahi: 
  • 1 fillet of mahi mahi
  • Spicet seasoning (sprinkle to desired taste - I made sure the filet was covered and rubbed the seasoning in)
  • 1 large sheet of foil (about two hands length)
Sprinkle and rub seasoning on fish and let sit for 5-20 minutes depending on what else you are doing. Put the mahi on a sheet of foil and create a foil pocket by turning up both sides and sealing them together. The point of this is to trap the steam in order to cook the fish. Press all four corners together and seal, twisting the corners together.

Heat the grill to medium - medium lo. Put the foil packet on the grill and grill for about 15 minutes. 
(My friends boyfriend suggested we keep the fish on the grill for 8-10 minutes... I checked the fish at 9 minutes and it was not yet cooked all the way so I added 6 more minutes for good measure). The temperature of your grill will determine how long you should cook the fish for. 

When checking to see if the fish is ready, try flaking the meat with a fork. If the meat comes off easily in flakes and the meat no longer looks opaque, but a whitish creamy color all the way through you should be good to go. 

We decided to grill some green beans and have an avocado for our side, but you can always make pasta, rice or any other vegetable to accompany your mahi mahi.

Thinking back, I wish we would have thrown the avocado on the grill as well - I guess I will have to try that next time. 

So my first attempt at grilling and cooking mahi mahi was definitely a success! I will have to make this dish again, and next time I won't be intimidated by the big scary man grill... because honestly grilling really isn't that hard, you just get a little sweaty.

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