Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Going Out to Eat - Always an Experience

Even though it is a passion of mine, sometimes coming up with recipes, cooking and cleaning can get quite exhausting. It's on those days I like to go out and have someone cook my food, bring it to me and clean up after me. I was a server for almost 6 years, so I have a great appreciation for these people, but I also have high expectations. Unfortunately, a lot of servers in any type of city (large or small) really don't care about your experience, just about the tip. Lately when I have gone out, something is not up to par, whether it be the service, or the food. Luckily I haven't been to a place in a while where every aspect is horrible.

It's always nice to go somewhere and be pleasantly surprised with good service, and good food. While visiting San Antonio a couple weeks ago my mom and I decided to get out and try something new. I have found that sometimes it's hard to decide what food you want and where you want to go when there are a ton of choices available to you (actually I have this problem regardless of how many choices I have). Mom wanted guacamole, so I racked my brain for a place where we could get good guacamole that is also different.

Now let me share something - I am not going to give the name of this place, or give it a review, that's not what this blog is about (although that would be fun).

I just want to share a great experience centered around food and drink. 

So... I was racking my brain and it hit me - I knew of the perfect place. I had nailed it, this restaurant offered four different guacamole's with one being your typical recipe. Lucky for us, we went on a day when it was all day happy hour, so all drinks and appetizers were half off. When the server came to greet us we already knew what we wanted - Guacamole three way (which they offer). As soon as I said guacamole, the servers face fell - He told us that they were temporarily out of avocados. My mom laughed and said what? "That's what we came here for." Literally, that's the only reason we went to that specific restaurant. The server said he would go check on the avocado situation while he was getting our drinks. Not less than two minutes later, the manager came up to us and told us the situation and that they had sent a chef to gather more avocados. Of course, we said it was no big deal and that we would get something else why we waited (because we were getting guacamole, no matter what).

I was impressed by this situation. Not only did the server inform the manager about our situation, the manager came right away to talk with us and also, the server went ahead and took our guacamole order so that we could get it as soon as they had more avocados. We ended up getting a taco and a mushroom chalupa to share while we waited for our Guac trio.

Let me tell you, despite the set back my mom and I were extremely happy. All the food was delicious, the drinks were unique, we got our guacamole, and we got pretty much everything on happy hour. These are the restaurant experiences that are worth sharing, and trust me, a lot of experiences aren't worth even mentioning.

My mom and I agreed, we would definitely have to come back for all day happy hour again soon. Thank you to the great servers, managers, chefs and restauranteurs that cause these great experiences. Keep up the good work.

** Sorry this post has no pictures, this post was solely for sharing an experience and I was so entranced by the food, that taking pictures was the farthest thought from my mind.

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